How it works here @ THE ORLO FUNDS

Make 100% Returns on your money in 0-7 days

👉Register and verify your email (important to use your referral username while registering though not compulsory)

👉Provide help (PH) of any amount between 5k-200k to another member of the platform

👉calculate 50% of your initial pH

👉Wait for 50% of your PH to be merged (note you will pay 50% of your pH and 1000 activation fee to the account details displayed on your dashboard)

👉pay the 50% within the allocated time (or else you will be banned)

👉once your 50% has bn confirmed by your Gher your GH Time immediately starts counting.

👉After few hours-days (Totally dependent on when the system needs your HELP) your remaining 50% will be merged and you will pay

👉Prior to your GH day, you will need to Recommit (PH again) 50% with be merged first also while the rest 50% will be merged after

👉After your  Recommitment (Rc) has been confirmed, you are then eligible to Get help (GH).

👉Go on the click on GH button and wait to be merged to GH .

👉All these processes take 0-7days / 0-10 days (depending on your PH it takes 0-7 days for 5k-50k PH and 0-10 days for 51k-200k PH ) to complete. Depending on the system, its possible to GH before the day 7